Colour your Home xx

Home Sweet Home
Your home is an extension of who you are, and says so much about you! 

It is your support, your sanctuary and your safe place, it could be a home that you share with others or your family, or it could be a home for just you.

Whatever your home is to you, it is important that it supports you in your life and feels and looks like a beautiful place to live.

Your home reflects who you are and how you are feeling... do you have a lot of clutter? This can reflect a full mind with no space to think or a full life with no space for you!

Is your house void of colour? Can reflect, do you need more colour and happiness in your life?

Do you have a lot of grey? are you feeling a bit grey?


Colour has a massive impact on your life, and can support you both physically and emotionally, so bringing the right colours in to your home can have positive effect on you and how you are feeling.


For example, when we see anything green we subconsciously take a bigger breath and expand our lungs, green brings down our heart rate and can decrease our blood pressure, and green can create feelings of balance and harmony, just think about when you have been for a walk in nature how calm and relaxed you feel.

You can add green to your environment by bringing in plants or accessories, for example cushions, lampshades and vases.

So, bringing the colour green into your home can have a calming and relaxing effect.


The opposite colour to green on the spectrum is Red.

Red is an active colour, increasing our blood pressure, raising our heart rate, and speeding up our circulation, our adrenaline is activated by the frequency of red.

Red is the warmest of colours and is related to fire, its warmth give rise to heat so our natural reaction to red is to feel a few degrees warmer.

Red stimulates passion and desire, and it gives us courage to face situations that we may be unable to face, for some people red can feel aggressive and harsh, overwhelming and angry, as a colour it is very challenging and direct!

Red is a stimulant so great when you need to be "doing" instead of creating or analysing, so incorporate a red painting or coloured glass bottles on window ledges.
Red is very striking as an accent colour on one wall but can be overwhelming if applied to all walls.
Below is a before and after of a room make over using predominantly green for calming, peace and growth  

Before a cold long space

After the room has been filled with calming tones of greens and pinks  for healing and making the most of the beautiful light in the home.
Art has been added to compliment the colour scheme, and the principals of Fengshui have been applied so that the energy flows beautifully, therefore giving a sense of fresh calmness to this home

so fill your home with beautiful colour that supports and uplifts you,
do you need help to colour your home then feel free to  take a look at my web site, I would love to help you


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